Phone Tracking: A Few Tips



It is common for people to lose their phones. Negligence of such item is inevitable. It is human nature. Though because of innovation and advancement of technology, there are a lot of ways to track lost phones. Personally, as a phone owner, I always misplace my phone. I lose it maybe twice or more in a single day. But every time I lose my phone, I always find a way to track and find it. Here are some techniques on how to track or find your phone whenever you lose it. It has always helped my whenever I lose my phone.


  1. Phone tracking software – A lot of software have been developed to help phone owners track their phones whenever they lose it. These mspy login softwares use different kinds of features to track a phone either by its GPS and its online or digital storage. When I lose my phone, I let my family or my friends track my phone using the software installed in their phones. Though this only works if their phones are compatible with mine. This is because there are different brands of phones which use different types of operating systems which are not compatible with each other.


  1. Call the phone – You can also use the call feature of phones to track your phone. But be sure that your phone is not in silent mode or else you will not be able to hear your phone ring. This would make locating it difficult if it is only vibrating. I let my family or friends call my phone and let it ring so that I will be able to locate it. I only put it on silent mode whenever I am in situations that do not allow noise such as during classes, seminars, meetings, watching movies, or even meditating.


  1. Keep the GPS on – Phones now a day have a feature called the GPS. The GPS or Global Positioning System enables different devices to track its whereabouts. An example of this is whenever you post status updates, photos, or videos on social media, there is an option in your phone which allows you to enable the location or GPS of your phone to add a location to your post. This is simply to let other people know where you are at the moment of posting. Though in my opinion, this feature can also get you in danger. Imagine a serial killer knowing where you are at the moment and comes for you. Check out this mspy review app.

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